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Architectural Room Lighting is an easy way to transform a venue and to give it a magical quality.

The effect is achieved by placing up-lighting around the room at intervals. It can be used over the entire room, or in strategic places to highlight specific features.

Up-lighting the room gives a very subtle colour wash to the walls of the room during the day, which gradually increases in intensity as the natural light to the room decreases.

You can chose a specific colour of your choice to co-ordinate with the colour scheme of your event, or alternatively the up-lighting can be programmed on a slow, smooth scroll through all the colours of the spectrum (like mood lighting).

Included with this service are the room up-lighters together with the staff required to set up and collect the equipment. A quote for up to 10 uplighters can be included in your quote for a DJ via our instant online quote generator. (10 uplighters will be sufficient for the majority of events, but should you require more, please contact us for a bespoke quotation and we will gladly oblige.)

Please note that setting this up is very labour-intensive, and a period of at least 2 hours should be allowed (in addition to the time required to set up the main disco).

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