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Working With a Live Band

If you are having a live band at your event, have you considered employing a mobile disco and DJ as well?

Many people enjoy having live music at their event, and we agree that live music is wonderful. However, there are some drawbacks to only having live musicians at your event:

  • Most live musicians specialise in a particular style of music and this possibly may not cater for all of your guests
  • Live musicians tend to do 2 or 3 sets during the evening, leaving your event flat for long periods
  • Although some bands do offer to play music compilations through their system during their breaks to avoid absolute silence, pre-prepared compilations cannot read the atmosphere or the crowd and adapt the music to suit. In addition, such compilations often do not have the 'flow' to the music that a skilled and experienced DJ will provide, and it is likely that there will be gaps in between each track

If you employ the services of Corabar Entertainment in addition to live musicians, our DJ could start the evening off, to warm-up the crowd for the band. The DJ could then play during the band's break(s) and even play on after the band has finished. This would mean that your guests would be continually entertained throughout the event and eliminate the 'stop-start' effect that can occur when you have a live band alone.

In addition, our DJ can cater for all musical styles so that music catering for all of your guests can be played during the evening.

Corabar Entertainment will work with any live entertainment you may have booked to ensure that our set complements theirs – ie, that we are not playing music that would clash with theirs, but by the same token, that we do not duplicate any songs that they may be playing.

Also, if you employ us as well as a band, we can enhance the overall experience by erecting a light-weight lighting truss with both band and dance floor lighting.

Corabar Entertainment is pleased to say that we are recommended by a few extremely experienced and successful functions bands, and gladly return the compliment to them. If you are looking for a live band and would like us to put you in touch with them, we will gladly do so.

DJ with band and dance floor lighting

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