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Organising a party for children, whatever their ages, can be a daunting prospect! Not only do you need to concern yourself with making sure that they enjoy themselves, but you also have to concern yourself with their safety – ensuring that anyone you employ is both professional and reputable.

As well as having a wealth of experience, we at Corabar Entertainment take our responsibilities very seriously; taking every precaution to ensure that accidents do not happen, whilst having plans in place to deal with an emergency should the unthinkable occur.

Children's Parties

Music and a light show suitable for the venue are standard, and if you wish (and venue permitting) we can supply a smoke machine at no extra cost. Please note, however, that we do not use generally use bubble machines due to the high risk of children injuring themselves slipping on the bubble residue. This is a genuine danger and many insurers refuse to insure mobile discotheques using this effect. We will, however, sometimes use bubble machines upon request if there is suitable flooring at the venue, or outside / at the entrance – but this will be at our discretion once we have seen the location ourselves.

We do not treat children's parties as 'inferior' bookings – you will receive the same standard of service as any of our customers: All our bookings are important to us. Equipment and lighting effects are the same as we would use for an adult party for a venue of the same size.

We will liaise with you as to the form you wish the party to take. Let us know if and when you want the DJ to play 'Happy Birthday' (if appropriate), or whether you would like the DJ to organise some games for the children. We always send out 2 members of staff for children's discos (A DJ and another member of staff who can be on the floor with the children to help organise the games and participation dances). Nevertheless, we would mention that there must be adult supervision at all times and that some assistance in implementing one or two of the games may be required from the adults.

We may supply certificates for the younger children for dancing competitions, etc, but we also supply a few small prizes (eg sweets or small novelties/toys) for the games.

We would strongly recommend that you limit a children's disco to 2 hours. We do not need to tell you that the attention span of many children is not that long, and patience is not a virtue that many acquire young! 2 Hours seems to be the optimum length to allow the children to dance to their favourite songs, do all the 'participation' dances (eg Cha Cha Slide), sing 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday boy or girl (presuming it is a birthday party, of course), eat their food, play a couple of games, have a few dancing competitions, and go home feeling they have had a great time and still wanting more! Any longer than 2 hours, and some children's attention starts to wander. Obviously, the longer you book us for, the higher our fee, so it may seem like we are shooting ourselves in the foot advising you this, but customer satisfaction is worth more to us; and there is a method in our madness – If you are happy with our service, you are more likely to come back to us again!

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Teen Discos

When they start growing up, children will want a more grown up party too. So, for teenagers, we offer a more mature disco.

The sound system and light show used are more than capable of providing an impressive show to satisfy even the most discerning of teenagers, whilst the music played will always be tailored to your requirements. Teenagers are extremely particular about the music they want to listen to, which is why we actively encourage requests.

Not only will the guest of honour be able to access our online system to make a request list, but he or she will be able to pass on an access code to all the guests at the party (if they want) so that all of the guests can help compile a request list. That way, you and they can be certain that they have the music they want at their party.

If required, we can still include a few interactive dances, and even the odd game or two (eg limbo), but only if required! If what is required is little or no interation with the DJ with their favourite music being mixed, then that is what they will get.

Obviously, a disco for a teenager may be longer than the recommended 2 hours for a children's party, but we would still recommend limiting to 3 hours. As with children's parties, there must be sufficient adult supervision present at all times.

Finally, we would mention that we always try to obtain non-explicit versions of songs. However, in some instances, no clean radio-edit version is available. If a track is requested for which there is no radio edit version available, we will not be able to play the track in question for obvious reasons. However, we will let you know about this.

Teen Disco Pictures

Please also note that Friday and Saturday evenings get booked up often months in advance, so please consider having your child's party or teen disco on a Sunday or (if during the school holidays) why not have it on a week night? The benefits of this are two–fold: firstly, there is more chance of availability, and the rates are much cheaper as Friday and Saturday evenings carry a premium. This is not only true of us, but it may well also apply to your chosen venue.

If you think we may be the disco company for you, you can check our availability and obtain a quote via our instant quoting tool, or telephone us on FREEPHONE 0800 0282110 without obligation.

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