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Whether it is a company or product launch, client entertainment, or a staff-bonding exercise, the events you organise reflect upon you and your reputation. However, although most companies and organisations spend considerable time and effort planning these events - choosing wonderful locations; ensuring that the catering is up to scratch; debating the guest list, etc - quite often little (if any) thought is put into the musical entertainment. If you are reading this, then obviously this does not apply to your organisation, and we hope that the information provided on this website will convince you not only that you should employ a mobile disco and DJ for your event, but, more specifically, that Corabar Entertainment is the company to provide these services.

Music can be used to project the mood you want to create for your event: it can be calm and soothing, putting your guests at ease; or it can inject a real party atmosphere into the proceedings - whatever you wish. With Corabar Entertainment, you will always remain in control of the direction you want us to lead your guests/customers and we will work with you to achieve your desired results.

Corabar Entertainment is an established and reputable company, able to supply mobile discos and experienced, reliable and personable DJs capable of satisfying all your musical requests. We never forget that you are in charge and are happy to confirm to whatever musical and dress code your event may require - all at exceptionally competitive rates.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that Corabar Entertainment has comprehensive public liability insurance, carries out risk assessments at every event and holds safety certificates for all equipment as a result of regular PAT testing. All of which will satisfy the most stringent of venues.

If you feel we may be able to assist, please either telephone or email us, or apply for a full quotation online via the instant quotation tool (a link is available at the top of every page and also via the menu).

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