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Our Mobile Disco With DJ Service

Corabar Entertainment DJ with Disco Service

This is the core element of our business.

If you book a mobile disco and DJ with us, you will receive everything required for a great evening.

Included in the quote is

  • One or two DJs with or without support staff to help set up and dismantle the equipment. Most events will only require one DJ, who will also set up and dismantle the equipment. However, when we have the details of your event, we will decide on what personnel are required and chose the most suitable DJ(s) for your event.
  • Play out system. This may be either a CD-based system, or an MP3-based computerised system. Both of these systems are professional quality by leading manufacturers within the industry.
  • Amplification and speakers suitable for the size and nature of the event. We will not send in a rig suitable for an arena rock gig for an intimate gathering for a 70th Birthday, but conversely we will not supply a rig that is too small for the event as this would cause distortion if the system is pushed to its limits to fill the venue.
  • Suitable lighting for the event. We are often asked if our quote includes lighting, and the answer is yes. With every mobile disco we provide, we supply a range of different types of lights from gentle colour wash lighting through to intelligent lighting that links together to provide a syncronised show. We do not, however, include either lasers or use strobe lighting as standard practice. If this is something that you particularly require, let us know as we will gladly tailor the lighting show to your tastes and requirements.
  • All stands and trussing required to hold the equipment, hang the lights, and mount the speakers. Our DJs are completely self-sufficient and, other than power, they do not require anything from the venue (although, if available, a small table would be appreciated for those DJs who use a CD-based play out system to save them bending down to their CDs all night.)
  • A comprehensive range of music. All of our DJs carry a wide range of music from all of the major genres and eras. They are usually able to cover most (if not all) requests made on the night, but if there are any songs that you would particularly like to hear during your event, make sure you submit a music request list to us. You may search our database of music, create your list, save it, and submit it to us online via our interactive service on this website, or you can download and print a pdf form to post back to us if you prefer (both of these features are available in the Client Area.)

We will always try and make your event individual to you, and customise everything from the lighting, the look of the rig and, of course, the equipment to fit your wishes.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.

Here are a couple of examples of how we have customised the look of the equipment to fit in with an event theme or decoration:-

Corabar Entertainment DJ with Disco Service Corabar Entertainment DJ with Disco Service
Corabar Entertainment DJ with Disco Service Corabar Entertainment DJ with Disco Service
Corabar Entertainment DJ with Disco Service Corabar Entertainment DJ with Disco Service

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