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DJ Eqiupment CollageBased upon the information you provide to us, we match the equipment to the job so that you do not have a system that is either too powerful or not powerful enough for your event.

We also provide an appropriate mix of lighting (and other) effects to suit the occasion; Standard light shows include a range of different lights including colour wash lighting and intelligent lighting providing a syncronised show.

We have equipment suitable for a small gathering, or a large event of up to around 1,000 people (larger events catered for upon request).

Our DJs mainly use either CD decks or computerised decks, but, depending on the situation, vinyl decks are still used on rare occasions. If you have a rare track that we are unable to provide but intend to provide this yourself, please let us know before hand since not all DJs will have all playout media at each event.

All of the equipment used by Corabar Entertainment is quality professional DJing equipment, and a range of spare equipment is carried by each DJ in case of emergency.

In most cases, all the equipment (except speakers) is set up on a metal-framed DJ stand with a booth surround and a lighting bar attached overhead. Examples of these can be seen in our Photo Gallery, and on our Mobile Disco With DJ Service page. We have several different sizes of stands to suit all occasions and locations, and we do have other options availale if this is not suitable for your circumstances. This set up gives a very neat and tidy appearance to the entire system.

For larger events, we can also erect separate lighting gantries, up to a maximum of approximately 40ft wide.

Optional extras include either a 3m or 6m starcloth backdrop, and uplighting (Architectural Room Lighting) placed either to highlight specific areas or around the room in a colour of your choice to create the desired ambience.

We will require access to the venue for at least an hour prior to commencement of the performance to set-up the equipment (longer for larger events and for venues with difficult access, or if you are taking our Architectural Room Lighting Service - which, by itself can can around two hours to set up).

As we have already mentioned, our equipment is regularly serviced, maintained and portable appliance tested.

To see pictures of our equipment in action, please visit our Photo Gallery, or watch our short Video Clips but if you are technically minded and would like to know more, please feel free to contact us and our DJ Manager, Steve Jones, will be happy to discuss our equipment in more detail.

If you require any services not detailed on this site, please contact us with your requirements and, in almost all cases, we will be able to arrange a very competitive quote for you.

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