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How long do you need to set up the equipment, and how long to dismantle it at the end of the night?

If you are having a straight–forward mobile disco, it takes approximately an hour to set up the equipment, and a little less time to dismantle it at the end of the night and remove it all from the premises. However, if it is a particularly long distance between the DJs vehicle and where the equipment is set up, or if there are stairs involved, or a particularly large show, then these times may need to be increased, so please provide us with any relevant information.

If you are having our Architectural Room Lighting service, please note that setting this up is extremely labour intensive and an additional two hours should be allowed to set this up, plus an additional hour to dismantle.

Make sure that your venue is aware of these times and happy with it: we will not be able to play until 11.30pm if the venue management require the premises to be vacated by midnight!

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How much room do you need for the equipment?

To be comfortable, and to accommodate a standard rig, your DJ will need a minimum space of 12ft wide by 6ft deep by 8ft high (approx 3.6m x 1.8m x 2.4m). If you would like a larger show to cover a larger area we can easily accommodate this. If you believe that the room available for the DJ and the equipment will be less than this, please make sure you tell us at the earliest opportunity, and we can discuss various options for providing you with a smaller show.

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Does your quote for a mobile disco with DJ include lights?

Absolutely! Our quotes are fully inclusive with no hidden extras. We will supply everything required for a quality show.

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We are having a meal earlier in the day in the same room as the disco is taking place in the evening: Can you set up before we arrive and do you charge extra for this service?

Unless you tell us otherwise, your DJ will arrive to set up approximately an hour or so before the time we are booked to begin the evening's entertainment and this is included in the price. If you require the equipment be set up earlier in the day, just let us know and we will gladly do so.

Due to the additional work, time and costs involved, this service will incur a small additional charge which will be clearly shown on your quote.

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If you set up earlier in the day, can we use your equipment to play background music during our meal?

We are sorry, but no. The equipment is very sensitive and expensive, and only employees or representatives of Corabar Entertainment are trained and insured to use it. However, we do provide a supplemental hire service including a small PA system with a CD player that you can operate yourself and use for background music before your DJ starts his performance.

Alternatively, why not consider hiring our DJ to cover the background music as well? You may be surprised at how cost effective this option is.

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Can we use your microphone for our speeches?

If you want to use the DJ's microphone at any point during his performance for a speech or announcement, you are welcome to do so. Please note however that our DJs almost always use a leaded microphone (as opposed to a radio / wireless one). So if you require a long lead to be brought along, please let us know in advance. If, however, you will require the use of a radio microphone during the evening, or if you would like a radio microphone for use during the day before your DJ is due to begin, you can hire these from us.

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What are your power requirements?

We will need access to 2 standard 13A mains sockets to power the equipment, and these should be located close to the DJ's working position. If it is not possible to locate the DJ relatively close to power sockets, please let us know so that we can discuss the available options.

If your event is being held in a marquee and power is being supplied by a generator, please note that the generator must be of a type suitable for running sensitive sound equipment and the power we will require will be approximately 10kva for a standard show. We have had a couple of instances where the generator was running both our equipment and the catering equipment and the power was insufficient for the purposes: it was capable of running one or the other.... but not both at the same time!

Our DJs carry socket testers and RCD plugs to protect our equipment from faulty wiring and power surges. Please note that mains sockets will be tested before any equipment is plugged in, and if the socket fails the safety test then we will be unable to use it under any circumstances. You will also appreciate that if there is a surge in the electrical power supply, this will trip the RCD plug and cut off power to the equipment and interrupt your entertainment. This is extremely rare, but obviously completely beyond our control and down to the power supply at the venue.

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Our venue has a sound limiter, will this be a problem?

Although this isn't an ideal situation due to the risk of damage to the equipment if the limiter trips, we understand that it is a condition of the licence of many venues that a sound limiter is installed. However, there are 1 or 2 venues with sound limiters in which we will no longer work as they are set so low that to keep within the limit's parameters means that the DJ and the music cannot be heard at the other end of the room! Nevertheless, in most cases (in our experience) it is not usually the volume of the music which trips the sound limiter – it is the crowd singing or clapping along! Obviously, there is nothing we can do about this other than ask you all to stop enjoying yourselves so much!!

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Can we see the DJ in action?

As almost all of our work is at private functions (weddings, birthdays, etc) this is not usually possible: after all, you wouldn't be too happy if we invited strangers to your event! However, we can supply you with snapshots and short video clips from recent events, together with copies of service questionnaires completed by previous customers. (All of these are available on this website, or we can send you copies if you prefer – just ask.) In addition, if you would like to speak to the DJ we have chosen as the most suitable DJ for your event, we will gladly arrange for the DJ to call you – again, just ask.

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Do you provide any other services?

Our main services are the provision of a mobile disco with DJ, or DJ only and our other services (listed below) are supplemental to this. (ie they are not available on their own, only when you have booked one of our main services). Full information can be found in the "Our Services" section of this website, or you can click on any of the additional services listed below to view additional information:

We can also arrange more unusual items such as drapes, staging, projectors, screens, other effects, venue theming, etc, but these are not detailed on this site. If you require anything not detailed on this website, let us know and we can arrange for a bespoke quotation for you.

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What is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

Portable Appliance Testing (or PAT for short) is a set of periodic electrical safety checks which are strongly recommended by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and form part of the maintenance program conducted by most reputable mobile discos to ensure the equipment being used is safe. Many venues insist that any entertainers coming on site produce their PAT results as a condition of allowing them to perform.

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What is Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

Public Liability Insurance (or PLI for short) is an insurance taken out by most reputable mobile DJs to protect themselves, the venue, you and your guests in the event of accidental damage or injury. Like PAT, many venues insist that all outside contractors produce their PLI Certificate as a condition of allowing them to coming on site.

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Do you hold Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and is your equipment Portable Appliance Tested (PAT)?

Yes. We are covered by a comprehensive £5M PLI policy and all of our equipment is PAT Tested regularly. You can download copies of our current PAT and PLI by clicking on the links below and we will gladly supply you or your venue with hard copies if required.

download PDF Click here to download our PAT results
download PDF Click here to download our PLI Certificate

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How and when do we pay you?

Your deposit is required to confirm your booking. This can be paid by cheque made payable to Corabar Ltd or by credit or debit card via our secure online payment system. The payment gateway can be found here

The remaining balance is also payable by the above methods, that is, by cheque or online payment by debit or credit card at least 14 days prior to your event. Please note that we cannot currently accept debit or credit cards in person or over the telephone.

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