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As we have intimated in other sections, we pride ourselves on our preparation. We want to know everything there is to know about your event in advance, so that we can ensure we have arranged for the most suitable DJ to play at your event; are bringing the right equipment; and have the most appropriate selection of music.

As a result, we do ask you to answer a lot of questions about your event: whether you choose to use our interactive online system, or whether you decide to use the paper forms, please be patient and answer these as comprehensively as possible as well as providing us with any additional information which you feel may be useful – it is only because we want to work with you to achieve a successful result that we ask so much of you!

However, we also appreciate that life is unpredictable and just because we like to be prepared, it does not mean we cannot be adaptable. If you do need to make alterations to your arrangements, we will always do our utmost to accommodate your wishes. We always contact our clients a day or two before an event to make sure that there have been no changes to the arrangements and to double check your requirements and the itinerary for the function.

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