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If you are considering employing a DJ at your establishment, Corabar Entertainment could be the company to satisfy your requirements.

Corabar Entertainment is a well established and reputable supplier of mobile discos and professional DJs.

We are experienced in undertaking pub residencies - in most cases with great success; in a few cases increasing takings over the bar by up to 300-400% in 6 weeks!

We will work with you to ensure that you obtain the service you are looking for. We want to know about your present customers and the client base you are hoping to attract so that we can tailor our show to your particular needs.

We would, however, mention that there is little point in employing a DJ if no-one knows (s)he is there! Any residency will need to be promoted, and unfortunately, due to the laws relating to event promoters, we will not be able to undertake the promotion on your behalf.

Our DJs are covered by a comprehensive public indemnity insurance policy and our equipment is regularly PAT tested. We will be happy to supply you with copies of the paperwork if you wish. You will receive a formal invoice for every event.

Corabar Entertainment offers significantly reduced rates for anyone entering into a residency contract with us (contract determinable upon 1 month's notice). We do not promise to be the cheapest DJ you could employ, but we are certainly not the most expensive! Our rates are competitive - exceptionally so when you take into consideration the service and back-up you will receive.

Contact us to obtain a quote without obligation.

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