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Our Sense of Responsibility

We are very mindful of the duty of care that we owe not only to our customers, but to their guests as well.

We are proud of our reliability record and do everything we can to maintain it:-

  • All our Disc Jockeys are covered by a comprehensive public liability insurance policy (PLI). Some people suggest that it is a legal requirement to have PLI, but this is not the case. However, it is an extremely good idea: not least because many venues will not permit a DJ to enter their premises without public liability insurance (PLI). A copy of our current PLI Schedule can be viewed and printed via the Downloadable Documents page in the Client Area of this site
  • Each DJ carries a portable fire extinguisher to every event. Thankfully, in all the years that Corabar Entertainment has been in business, none of our DJs have had cause to use one, but we would rather plan for the worst while striving for the best!
  • All vehicles used by Corabar Entertainment employees are covered by breakdown assistance. All vehicles are regularly serviced, but you cannot always predict when a vehicle may break down. At least having breakdown assistance in place means that the DJ can still get to your event if disaster strikes
  • We almost always have a DJ in reserve in case of accident or illness. In addition, we also belong to a national network of DJs. This means that even in the worst of circumstances, we should always be able to get a DJ to you. We have undertaken thousands of events and have never let a customer down and intend to do everything humanly possibly to maintain that record
  • All our equipment is regularly serviced, maintained and portable appliance tested (PAT). As with PLI, there are many venues that will not permit a DJ to enter the premises until they have produced copies of their PAT results, and even if it is not a requirement of your venue, you should check this for your own peace of mind. Once again, A copy of our current PAT results can be viewed and printed via the Downloadable Documents page in the Client Area of this site
  • Just in case of serious equipment failure, our DJs carry emergency back-up equipment so that they should be able to carry on even if the unthinkable happens and something does go wrong
  • A risk assessment is carried out at every event. If you are interested to know what this entails, a copy of the form can be viewed and printed via the Downloadable Documents page in the Client Area of this site
  • Our DJs carry a basic first aid kit
  • Socket testers and surge protection is used. This is to check the wiring to the sockets at the venue is safe and to protect the equipment from any problems which may arise. If one or both of the sockets that the DJ has been asked to use is faulty, then they can request the use of other sockets. We want to prevent the necessity of using those fire extinguishers for the first time at your event!
  • We are happy to work with your venue and comply with any reasonable requests, terms and conditions they may have

If there is anything else that concerns you or your venue about our reliability or safety, please do contact us to discuss.

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