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We never forget that it is your event. Our DJs are there at your service, to represent you. They will act in a manner that you prescribe: if you do not want patter, they will play continuous music; if you want them to make announcements, tell them what and when and they will be happy to oblige. We ask you to give us a lot of information about yourself, your event, and your guests – the more information you provide us with, the better we will be able to tailor our show to your needs.

The equipment will be set up at a time convenient for you. If it is not appropriate to set up immediately before the start of the DJ's performance (for example, if you and your guests are eating a meal in the same room as the music is to be played and it would not be appropriate for equipment to be carried through whilst you are eating) we can set up at an earlier time.

We ask you to let us know if there are any particular genres or eras of music you would like/not like played, but in addition to this, we also encourage you to provide us with a request list so that if there are any particular songs you would like played, we can ensure the DJ has these songs with him/her. What's more, if you request a song that we do not have, we will do our best to get it for you – again at no extra cost to you.

Once you book your event with us, you will be given your own personal password to the Client Area, where you can access your event planning form, a timeline form, in addition to our music database where you can create your personal request list online. If you like, you can also invite your guests to create their own, separate request list through our system via a separate login (which you can monitor and, of course, have the final say as to whether the requests get played or not).

If you prefer to use an offline system with hard copies of the documents, then we are happy to work that way too.

We appreciate that the events for which you employ us are often occasions of lifetime significance; or at least highly important to you, where you wish to be seen at your best in front of your guests. Every booking we receive is equally important to us – from a children's party to a charity ball – and we realise we must get it right first time… every time.

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